Gay Teen Ideas, Book No. 213, Published by The Spool Cotton Company, ©1944.

36 pages including front and back cover. Great war-time projects for both knitting and crochet (see pictures) From Index:

  • Dizzymaking: Jerkin and Calot
  • Feet First: Socks and Slippers
  • Aces High: Hats, Bags, Mittens
  • Winning Team: Sloppy Joe, Cardigan
  • Time to be Pretty: A Pair of Fascinators
  • Here's Looking at You: Beauty
  • Chilly Sauce: Everything for Skiing
  • Happy Endings: Crocheted Edgings
  • Sweet and Low: Evening Sweater
  • Dear Diary: Home Accessories
  • How're You Doin' Toots?: Accessories Galore


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