Vintage 1960s (undated) Softcover Book - Cosmopolitan Fashions, Vol 54, published by Reynolds Yarns, Inc.; 40 pages including front and back cover.

Collection of about 18 patterns including Pullovers, Tops, Sweaters, Suits, Dresses for Women Size 10-18/20 (Bust Sizes 31 to 40 - one for Bust 42). See pictures for included projects.

Vol54ReynoldsP2.jpg Vol54ReynoldsP3.jpg Vol54ReynoldsP4.jpg Vol54ReynoldsP5.jpg Vol54ReynoldsP6.jpg Vol54ReynoldsP7.jpg Vol54ReynoldsP8.jpg Vol54ReynoldsP9.jpgVol54ReynoldsP10.jpg

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