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Welcome to the Knitting and Crochet Pattern Archive!

Anyone that loves to crochet or knit has a favorite pattern. This wiki is dedicated to old needlework patterns that may be vintage or out of print. It is intended to be a source for who may be looking for a particular pattern or just looking for inspiration for their next project. Take a look around and feel free to contribute an old pattern! Our patterns are sorted by publisher, type of pattern; babies, home, afghans, socks, men's, women's, etc., or by the decade they were fashionable.

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Annie's Attic
Coats and Clark's
Clarks 304 a.jpg
House of White Birches
The Spool Cotton Co.
The Needlecraft Shop
Mary Maxim
MM 1851 graph.jpg
American School of Needlework
Columbia Minerva
Brunswick Worsted Inc.
Patons Beehive
Just For Dolls.jpg
Leisure Arts
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American Thread Co.
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Visit our list of knitting and crochet pattern vendors! Our vendors love old patterns. They search high and low to find vintage and out of print patterns so that they may offer them to us in their stores. Remember that beautiful doily grandma had placed on a table? How about that afghan we used to snuggle in as a child? Who doesn't love a hand knitted or crocheted baby layette from a vintage pattern? These vintage patterns would be lost if it wasn't for our pattern vendors finding them for us.

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