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Mary Maxim’s roots can be traced back to Manitoba, Canada where Willard and Olive McPhedrain, began manufacturing and selling spinning wheels. Willard soon began a mail order company titled “Sifton Products.” In 1954 Willard began to search for new locations for his business and ended up in Paris, Ontario.] The name was changed to Mary Maxim, after a store employee: Mary Maximchuk. Willard decided to take Betty Crocker's example by naming the company after a girl who helped around the household. Mary's name was shortened and the store name: Mary Maxim, was born. In 1956 after recognizing the customer potential in the United States, Willard’s son Larry established an office in Port Huron, Michigan. Mary Maxim was first recognized for their quality knitting yarns. In the late 1950’s they became increasingly popular for their bulky, knit sweaters with designs influenced by North American Wildlife. The first sweater pattern was designed in 1951 by Stella Sawchyn.

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